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Donald Trump says he brings unity to the world

After a US Presidential Election debate, Republican hopeful tells reporters he brings "peace and unity to the world". .

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We are especially into political subjects here, but Donald Trump is changing the way we see politics and politicians. How? He seems like he is on drugs, all the time. Latest of his sensational claims is that he would bring peace and unity to the world if elected as US president.

The Republican candidate caused controversy throughout his campaign, suggesting a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US. Also, he claimed that Met officers live in fear as some parts of London are so radicalized.

However, after every weird claim, he defends himself, saying that he has never caused any offence to anyone.

Donald said, "I think I'm going to bring unity to the world. That's what I do - I bring peace and I bring unity."

He said that after a debate in Las Vegas this week, when Republican rivals branded him a chaos candidate, and also accused him of trying to bully his way into the White House.

In the UK he’s also faced criticism where a petition to ban him from being a candidate and entering the UK for propagating hate speech has gathered more than 500,000 signatures.

However, it seems that Trump is getting more on more support, and he believes that he would make a very popular president.

How do you feel about Donald Trump possibly being a US president?