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6-year-old boy becomes police officer

Peyton Gesing, who's battling stage four cancer, had his dream come true after he was made an honorary police officer.

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It’s an utter lie that police consists of bad cops. To be more precise, there are not ‘good cop, bad cop’ partnerships only. These days, and this is not the first time, a police department added an extra officer.

Simpsonville Police Department added one special extra, Peyton. Peyton is a six-year-old boy fighting cancer. This has been his wish, and it was granted to make sure it came true and the boy has lived out his dream as long as he is still here.

The boy got his own uniform and will be out, patrolling with his partners and checking on citizens in his community.

Peyton Gesing is a boy who is battling stage four cancer. His only wish was to become a police officer, and now he made it. He became an honorary police officer.

This kind of motivation – granting someone their last wishes, actually saved many lives during years. It is known that people who start doing things on their bucket list live long enough to finish it, and some even get healthy along the way.

We wish this smiling little officer the best of luck and many solved cases.


If you happen to see him on the streets of Simpsonville, make sure to greet the officer in a proper manner, letting him feel what a real star of the community feels like.