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Underground Paris: An illegal trip into the catacombs

Everyone knows that Paris is the city of love but ever wondered what would it looks like 20 meters underground? We take you to the catacombs of Paris where the illegal night life flourishes.

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If you need more coldness than you have at the moment, you can go down to the hidden swimming pools of Paris, beneath the city and its scorching pavements. They seem to be more popular than ever after a group that discovered the French capital’s best-kept secret.

Explorers of Paris, also known as cataphiles, have avoided arrest for a long time as they were exploring the city’s underworld and experiencing the crystal clear waters of the pools.

Alexander J.E. Bradley, an expat in Paris, was one of those who went down with a camera to capture some photos of the stunning pools. He found the often-flooded century-old tunnels, which have been a playground for more than three decades ago. There are many interesting characteristics from the catacombs that could potentially make great asset to the movies and images.

There is also a man, cataphile, called Plonguer, because he used to scuba dive beneath the city. The anonymous Plonguer Bradley and his team created a short movie about their experience after they followed the diver into the passageways.

The City of the Sea reveals hundreds of meters of unknown tunnels and galleries. The city’s Department of Quarries would never about the existence of the tomb if there wasn’t for the brave divers.