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Australia celebrates biggest ever Elvis festival

Australia celebrates the biggest ever Elvis festival to be held in the Southern Hemisphere, with 20,000 enthusiasts donning the look of 'the King'.

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Thousands of Elvis Presley fans gathered in the Australian town of Parkes, dressed in jumpsuits and capes, to celebrate what have been the late singer’s 81st birthday.

For the five-day Parkes Elvis Festival, the population of the New South Wales town doubles in size as fans of all ages come together to pay tribute to the ‘king of rock and roll’.

The theme of the festival for this year is the star’s 1963 movie Fun in Acapulco. This is the main reason many fans are wearing sombreros as they relive the late star’s work and music.

The town itself has many Elvis true fans. One man changed his name to Elvis by dead poll, and another couple is successfully operating ‘Gracelands Restaurant’ for many years.

January was identified as the best month to celebrate the festival, as the King was born on January 8. The first festival was held in January 1993.

Parkes is now recognized as the Elvis Capital of Australia.