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Around the world in 12 pairs of shoes

It took Nacho Dean 3 years and 12 pairs of shoes to cross the globe on foot. His story is nothing short of amazing.

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It takes about 20 millions steps to walk around the world, several years commitment as well as determination, stamina, and a state of mind that few of us can imagine. And it is harder than it looks like.

Strict rules, taking into account distance covered, and verification of continents crossed, govern entry into the elite club of those that have ‘officially’ walked around the world. While many successful foot circumnavigations of the globe have not achieved official recognition, they are still an epic demonstration of human endurance and courage.

Dave Kunst was the very first (verified) person to complete an entire circuit of the earth on foot (not including the oceans).

Beginning in June 1970, accompanied by his brother John, Dave left on a journey that would take them across Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Sadly, John Kunst was shot and killed by bandits in Afghanistan during this adventure, but Dave completed this journey with his other brother Pete.

He walked 14,450 miles total in just over 4 years.