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Testing DaVinci's cradle at electricity-free theme park

The creator of the Eco friendly Amusement Park 'Ai Pioppi', Bruno took inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man for a ride. So how does it feel to take this ride?

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Leonardo Da Vinci was a master of science, of engineering, and truly a master of imagination. Known most widely for his work as an artist, it is his passion for invention for which he is often most admired.

Born from the sketchbooks of the maestro himself, Da Vinci's cradle carries you along a ride right back to the Renaissance. Of days where theories were tested in wood, where imagination manifested in real form, and engineering was a riddle solved by the mind, not machines. Careful not to let this ride mislead you. Inside this simple, playful-looking "cradle" you'll find the workings of a master mind. 


If you are into getting really excited, you can find many “machines” around the world that work on this genius’ principle.