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Back to basics: First ever electricity free theme park

Meet the grandpa behind the world's first amusement park that runs on kinetic energy. Ai Pioppi has over 40 attractions inspired joy for children of all ages. The best bit? Entry is free.

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In a lush green Italian forest, the Ai Pioppi Playground began as a hobby meant to promote a small restaurant has evolved over 40 years of creation into a stunning home-brewed amusement park full of one-of-a-kind rides, all built by one single man. 

Like the amazing rides it would later spawn, the restaurant Ai Pioppi started almost on a whim. As the story goes, the restaurant's owner, a man by the name of Bruno, simply set up a makeshift food and wine stand beneath a tree, just to see if anyone would show up. By the end of his first day he had almost sold all of the goods he had brought and Ai Pioppi restaurant had begun.

After establishing the eatery, Bruno paid a visit to a local blacksmith looking for some basic hooks to join some chain. However the surly blacksmith blew him off and told him to make them himself, showing Bruno how to weld, and the man was changed from that day on. He returned to his restaurant and quickly constructed a giant slide as an added attraction to his eatery.