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How Much Does It Cost: Tokyo

An easy price guide for everything from hotel stays to a refreshing beer. Travelers can plan their budget before traveling to Tokyo, Japan.

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These would be some first-hand information here.

It depends heavily on your location, your company and your habits. However, an average monthly cost of living, including rent, utilities, and food and leisure activities would be around 100,000 yen.
Just like anywhere else, in Japan some things are more expensive than others. If you want to eat red peppers and huge apples all the time, you'll spend more than if you eat tofu and bean sprouts. But that goes for every place on the planet.

If you go out drinking every day, you'll spend more than if you keep it on the weekends. One night at a snack club might cost the same as your rent, or you could head to the local pub and get fed and happy for 1,500 yen.

In Tokyo the rents are very expensive and that makes most of the expenditure. E.g. in Tokyo you can pay 50,000 yen for a single room which is actually cheap for Tokyo standards. And this is only rent excluding utility fees. If you eat outside then you will at least need 1500-2000 yen per day. Rates of meals usually don't change much area-wise. It might be 1,300-1,600 for suburb area. Here is breakup of average monthly expenses in yen:


Rent 50,000 (180sq ft. room)
Utility fees 10,000
Food 35,000
Phone/Internet 8,000
Travel 2,000
Total= 105,000-110,000 yen

Now if you are living outside Tokyo, you may get 600 sq. ft. apartment in 60,000 yen or similar 180-200 sq. ft. one room for only 20,000 yen. Food and travel expenses don't change much outside Tokyo.