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Cannes isn't just all tuxes and gowns

Last night Cannes red carpet was once again filled with celebrities, and even though they were all dressed up, some decided to show off their wilder side.

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Although Cannes has long been the film festival with the most star power and glimmering parties, this 2016 year, more than any other the power of the red-carpet economy has been on show for all to see in an ever-spinning carousel of premieres, news media junkets and high-wattage events.

Charles Finch of Finch & Partners, a consultancy that advises brands on Hollywood partnerships, said that as the movie industry has shrunk, the big sponsorships that were once the province of major studios have been co-opted by major luxury houses instead, with the related transformation of the Croisette into a catwalk. And the fanciness of it all is just ridiculous.

Megabrands such as Dior and Chopard spend millions of dollars on five-star hotel suites on this busy stretch of Mediterranean seafront, grooming, dressing and bejeweling starlets for a moment in the spotlight a stone’s throw away at the Palais.


It’s almost insulting.