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Secrets revealed during Cannes press conferences

Although lots of the glamour can be found on the red carpet, several behind the scenes tidbits are shared in Cannes press conferences.

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This is definitely what you were hoping to read, but secrets from Cannes go beyond understanding.

Are you jealous of those out on the lavish floating party palaces? "Don't be," says one power publicist, as insiders reveal all the inappropriate behavior that goes on inside the luxury boats.

Just a few years ago, a young steward working on one of the glossiest superyachts anchored at Cannes for the film festival threatened to call the police on a well-known movie producer who was badly beating two prostitutes during sex in the master stateroom. Yes, indeed.

He said, "He couldn't believe I'd actually do it. But it was the only way to stop him. He was violent and out of control. The girls were screaming, and he didn't care. He did care about the cops being called."

You can imagine that the man is no longer employed in the company.